Financial aid is available from the College for the expenses of tuition, room and board.


2023 - 2024 Direct 成本 for 学生
学费 $28,700.00
食宿 $10,700.00
直接成本总额 $39,400.00


No Additional 费用

Thomas Aquinas College has no additional fees. There are, however, other expenses that you and your family will need to plan for:


Estimated Other Expenses
Books and Supplies $0.00(见下文)
Pocket money during year $500.00 (approximately)
运输 variable (see below)
杂项 variable (see below)
学生 贷款费用 (if you are borrowing a federal Direct 学生 Loan) $50.00(平均)


Books and Supplies

学生 attending Thomas Aquinas College have no book expenses. Thanks to the generosity of our benefactors, all of the books needed for the academic year are provided to each student at no cost; books are distributed at the beginning of each semester.

Note: If a book was required for a previous year, the College will assume the student still owns that title and will not provide an additional copy free of charge. An example of this would be "The Complete 作品 of Plato" which is used in each year of the program; thus the College will provide a copy of this text to incoming freshmen, but not to returning students. Copies will be available for purchase by sophomores, juniors or seniors who no longer have the copy they used in previous years.

Only one copy of one translation of each required text will be provided free of charge. Additional translations, replacement copies and other non-required texts are available for purchase. An example of this would be H. G. Apostle's translation of Aristotle's "Categories and Propositions." It is not a required translation, but a student may purchase it from the bookstore if he is interested in owning a copy.



This category covers routine expenses that will be incurred during the school year for things such as laundry 肥皂, 牙膏, 肥皂, 洗发水, 和娱乐. We estimate $500 to be a reasonable amount for these expenses during the school year.



Most financial aid recipients who are from out of state travel home only at Christmas break and at the end of the year, for a total of two round trips per year. The expense of traveling will vary according to the location of your home and your mode of transportation. The statewide average for students' travel expenses is $1,106.


杂项 Expenses

This category includes other expenditures students face, such as clothing, medical, phone, etc. The statewide average for students’ miscellaneous expenses is $2,370, but it is possible to spend less than this amount if you are careful in your spending habits.



This is the average loan origination fee for students borrowing through the federal Direct 学生 Loan Program.