“The Church cannot but encourage everything that serves in harmoniously developing the human body,教皇圣. John Paul II told Italian athletes in 1981. “It is rightly considered the masterpiece of the whole of creation, not only because of its proportion, 强度, 和美丽, but also and especially because God has made it His dwelling place and the instrument of an immortal soul, breathing into it that ‘breath of life’ by which man is made in His image and likeness.”

To promote this harmonious development of the human body, Thomas Aquinas College complements its rigorous 学者 和丰富的 精神生活 with a thriving intramural sports program. The most popular sports on both campuses are soccer, 篮球, 排球, and ultimate Frisbee, although many students frequently take part in tennis, 夺旗橄榄球, 小道跑步, 和徒步旅行. 学生 athletics directors organize annual sports seasons and team sign-ups.

学生 try out the rock-climbing equipment

In 加州, students avail themselves of the Pope St. John Paul II Athletic Center, which opened its doors in 2022, thanks to the generosity of the Fritz B. Burns Foundation of Los Angeles. Featuring hardwood 篮球场, 重量的房间, climbing and bouldering walls, and an outdoor swimming pool, the JPII Athletic Center provides a balancing complement for the intellectual life the students lead in the classroom.

Water polo in the CA pool

Surfing has long been a popular activity for students on the West Coast. The College keeps surf boards for the shared use of the students, who take frequent advantage of their proximity to the Pacific Ocean. With more than one attractive beach within a short drive of campus, you are more than likely to run into a fellow TAC student on a great beach day.


学生 on the 新英格兰 campus enjoy spending the warmer months of the year on the banks of the 连接icut River, only a short walk from campus. The College has a store of kayaks that students use to take advantage of lovely fall and spring days. During the winter months, TACers take to the slopes at nearby ski resorts, and when one of the campus ponds freezes over, ice skating and hockey become popular events. 


The patronage of St. John Paul II extends to the 新英格兰 campus, as well. 教皇街. John Paul II Athletic Center, formerly Meany Gymnasium, boasts the Connelly Family Aquatic Center, 篮球场, workout and 重量的房间, 攀岩, and a dance studio. While there are multiple spacious athletic fields on campus, the athletic center enables a variety of indoor activities to continue during the chilly winter months.

学生 swim in the 新英格兰 pool

“Body and soul are inseparable: in the person, in the willing agent, and in the deliberate act,圣教皇写道。. 约翰·保罗二世 Veritatis Splendor. “They stand or fall together.”

学生 play cornhole on the 新英格兰 campus